Stay Safe

Restaurants have implemented safety measures throughout their spaces to ensure that hygiene and social distancing are in place to protect patrons.
But they need your support and patience to enforce these.

How to ensure you stay safe whilst supporting your local restaurant or takeaway venue;

  1. On entering an establishment you should have your temperature taken.

  2. Sanitise your hands on entering.

  3. Wear a mask at all times except whilst eating and drinking.

  4. Maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m.

  5. Tables should be spaced 1.5m apart. Do not join up tables.

  6. Try to use non-touch menus and contactless payment methods. If you touch a card machine sanitise your hands before and after.

  7. Tables should have limited items. If you touch any condiments, sanitise your hands before and after.

  8. When you accept deliveries, wipe down takeaway containers.

For more information on protocols, please click below.

Standards of Operation for Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets and Coffee Shops
Government Gazette 43487 29 June 2020 – Tourism
BidFood – Summary of the directions for restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops